Legends of Horror 2020

Casa Loma
1 Austin Terrace, Toronto ON
Email: info@casaloma.ca  Tel: 416.923.1171

Legends of Horror’s presentational form is considered promenade theatre, in which the audience walks at their own pace through a 2 km trail commencing in the lower gardens of Casa Loma and winding its way through the castles tunnels and darkest spaces never before open to the public.

Throughout the over 1 hour experience, the audience is immersed  in a variety of theatrically designed sets in gardens and chambers below the castle. Each of these introducing characters in the environmental theatre, in which the physical location, rather than being a traditional playhouse, creates  the actual setting. The traditional set change does not exist but is created by having the audience move on to the next scene. A crescendo of the production is the 3D projection on the exterior of the castle which brings the characters of the storyline and the walls of the castle to life.

The theatrical action, incorporates the most recognized characters of the horror genre immersed in their associated environments. These characters are brought to life by over 70 actors and feature beautifully created sets and vignettes from Dracula rising from his crypt, to the Creature from the Black Lagoon slithering in the swamp, the Phantom of the Opera with his captive in the bowels of the boiler room and a final tribute to one of the greatest monsters of all time; celebrating the 200 anniversary of its creation. The production leads its audience on a  macabre chase for love and immortality.

Legends is set on the 5 acre grounds of Casa Loma and in the depths of the castles 90,000 square foot structure. Though the audience is given no programme and there is no speaking from either the actors or audience. The actors and their environment all adopt the dress, decor, and aesthetic style of the classic horror novels, inspired by the shadowy and anxious atmosphere of film noir. The actors elaborate masks and costumes and their performance in passionate  group settings, solitary scenes and on occasion choreographed dances all to provoke thought and personal interpretation of  the experience.



Q. Are masks required? Yes, all persons (staff and guests) entering or remaining on the premises are required to wear mask or face covering which covers the nose, mouth and chin as required under City of Toronto by-law no.541-2020

Q. Will physical distancing be required? Yes, guests will be required to follow social/physical distancing guidelines carefully, maintaining 2 metres (6 feet) of space from others. All guests will be required to adhere to the physical distancing guidelines. This will apply throughout the attraction including in queue lines, in exhibits, and in restrooms.

Q. Will my contact information be taken? Yes, ticket purchaser’s contact information will be kept for 30 days for potential COVID-19 Contact Tracing and shared only when requested by Toronto Public Health.

Q: Is the this a guided tour? A: No the tour is self guided, along a 2 km trail. There are staff throughout to direct you along the way.

Q: What is the minimum age recommended?  (For example, can a 7 year old take part, too, with their parents?) A: Legends of Horror is an all ages event, however children 13 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Parental discretion is advised. We recommend the Family Hours, 5pm – 7pm for younger children as it will be earlier in the evening when less dark.

Q: Where is the entrance? A: The entrance to Legends of Horror is through the gate at Davenport and Walmer Rd., directly into the lower gardens.

Q: Can I bring water? Or any other form of food? A: No outside food or beverage will be permitted. 

Q: Are photographs allowed? A: No professional photography without advanced permission/consent (such as media). We encourage guests to take photos to share on social media.

Q: Is it recommended it for women who are pregnant? A: Given the amount of walking and limited seating available during the course of the tour, it is not ideal. Guests need to determine if they feel physically able to participating and use their discretion.

Q: Is there a place to stop for washrooms once in the experience? A:  At the midway point of the experience, the restrooms on the lower level inside Casa Loma will be available to guests.

Q: Is the program wheelchair/walker accessible? A: Given this is primarily outdoors and in the tunnels with several sets of stairs, it is not wheelchair/walker accessible.

Q: Where do people park? A: We encourage guests to park at the George Brown lots given they are closer to the entrance at Davenport and Walmer Rd. These are Pay-and-Display lots, not operated by Casa Loma. There is also limited paid onsite parking at Casa Loma.

Q: Does the program run even in the event of rain? A: It is a rain or shine event.

Q: If I purchase tickets online for a set time, how in far advance should I arrive? A: Guests should plan to arrive on time for allotted time. If they have not pre-purchased their tickets, guests can purchase tickets upon arrival onsite and will be place in line in the order they arrive. Tickets purchased onsite are first come, first served and admission is subject to capacity.